What Are the Best Paint by Number Kits For Children?

There are many different types of paint by numbers kits for children available. We’ve reviewed Diana Paint, Faber-Castell, and Colour Talk to help you find the perfect one. The following list is not exhaustive, but it covers the main types and brands. You can also look for a specific theme to create a variety of projects. Listed below are some of our favorite paint by number kits for children.

Diana Paint

If you are a parent with little ones, you may want to consider giving them Diana Paint by Number Kits for children. These kits can be used to paint portraits of beloved children and pets, or even the entire family. All you need is a photograph, a canvas of the appropriate size, and a frame. The basic kit comes with 24 paints, but there are also upgrade options for 36 and 42 colours. These kits will help children learn the art of color mixing while having fun.

Diana Paint by Number Kits for children have many benefits, including a range of non-toxic paints and easy color guides. The Seascape Painting Kit contains a pre-printed canvas and one brush, acrylic paints, and an instruction sheet. The Seascape Painting Kit is especially popular for its value. Each kit includes a pre-printed picture of a turtle swimming under the sea. The set costs only $10 and comes with a practice sheet to help children learn how to paint by number.


If you want to introduce your child to art, consider one of the Faber-Castell paint by number kits for children. These inexpensive kits come with a pre-drawn picture, shapes, and assigned numbers. You can paint over them and reveal your finished painting once it’s dry. Children will enjoy this activity, which can be both relaxing and time-consuming. For more information on the Faber-Castell paint by number kits for children, read on.

Designed for children ages five and older, these kits encourage creativity and build a child’s confidence in painting. Faber-Castell paint by number kits also provide a link to online tutorials for enhancing the artist’s technique. Children can also learn to mix colors and use foil to create a stunning design. This kit is a great gift for any child, and will ensure that your child develops valuable manual skills at the same time.

Colour Talk

Kids can learn to paint by using a paint by number kit. Colour Talk paint by number kits for children include all the materials needed to create a stunning masterpiece. Whether you’re looking for a kit for a toddler or an 8-year-old, this buying guide will help you decide which product will best suit your child’s needs. These kits come in different sizes and price ranges, with prices ranging from $6.51 to $9.9. The average price of a paint-by-number kit is $9.58.

This seascape painting kit comes with a pre-printed board and an acrylic paint set. It also comes with a practice sheet so children can learn how to paint by numbers. The kit includes one paint brush, acrylic paints, and a practice sheet. This kit also includes instructions for painting the seascape. This is an ideal painting kit for young children, as the colors aren’t exactly the same as the original Van Gogh.