Toowoomba Electricians

Express Electrical are experts in Toowoomba electrical and are based in Toowoomba that service all parts of Toowoomba City and the Darling Downs! If you require an electrical fix, constructing a new house, installing a workshop or electrical appliances, or wish to discuss how to improve your business or home with LED lighting, then we have you covered… Here in Toowoomba, we pride ourselves on our green credentials and provide low voltage lighting services for both commercial and domestic uses.

Toowoomba electricians

We pride ourselves on having electricians who are fully trained and capable of providing electrical work of any complexity. It’s important that these highly skilled electricians are environmentally conscious and use environmentally safe practices. All our electricians adhere to these principles. This means no mercury, no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), no waste and no secondary combustion emissions. In addition, all our electricians are insured for up to five years and are CSA accredited.

We are committed to continuing our green initiatives by supporting the voluntary work of Toowoomba City Council in their Eco-Drive program. Our electricians not only provide low voltage lighting services but also hot water, domestic electric, AC repair, ventilation, security alarm monitoring and CCTV installation. They also undertake electrical alterations, major works and installations. All work is carried out to Australian Standard EN 50291 and are compliant with Australian electrical requirements. The majority of our services are either fully bonded or insured.

The Toowoomba City Council provides a range of green initiatives aimed at reducing the carbon footprint in Toowoomba. Among these are the Toowoomba Green Belt, the Toowoomba Smart Growth Centre and Towards Zero Carbon Australia. These initiatives are a part of the Council’s broader strategy to transform the city into one with a zero carbon footprint by 2021. Toowoomba electricians also undertake a range of environmental audits and projects aimed at improving air quality, encouraging energy efficiency and reducing the negative impact of development on the environment.

A range of environmental jobs are available in Australia. For Toowoomba, a very desirable skill set includes experienced electrical contractors who are able to deliver a range of services and installations. They can work on buildings, infrastructure and commercial developments. Electricians are also needed in the field to install new technology and devices to maintain safety and ensure the continued safe operation of the public and private sectors. Electrical contractors may be employed to rehabilitate damaged sites, install new devices and to implement other related processes.

There are also opportunities to work for a number of manufacturers and suppliers, especially in the field of communications and computer technology. To locate potential candidates, it is advisable to contact the Council for Electrical Contractors. To get an idea about the type of work you could expect, contact the company’s website and look through the list of job roles. You will likely find several vacancies available in your area.