The Australian Drinking Nangs


Inhaling the steam from a lit glass of hot water is called Nangs. Partygoers also purchase nangs (or buzzers, bulbs and whippers) to inhale the steam inside the canister to get the same effect. It’s actually a 20-second high. In a dental office, nitrous oxide is helpful.

Nitrous oxide or commonly referred to as laughing gas is a gas that has gotten a lot of media attention in recent years because of the rave scene in clubbing areas. It can also be used as a sedative in hospitals. However, in an illicit setting – such as a party, rave or other party – it can have the opposite effect. Nangs can give a quick high but also produce euphoria and addiction like substances such as cocaine and heroin do.

Gangs are now being used in Australia for recreational reasons. It can also be purchased over the counter in chemists and even in some supermarkets. The effects of long-term use of nitrous oxide can be very dangerous. It can affect the central nervous system and, if taken in high concentrations, can cause unconsciousness and even death. It can also lead to liver failure, breathing problems, seizures and in some rare cases can cause the body to become deformed.

It’s not just in nightclubs that people have been inhaling the gas. There are now private parties and events in homes where members of the public can take part. It can be purchased in medical kits but the most popular way to ingest it is through a hit of nitrous oxide, either through smoking or drinking it. Smoking or drinking nangs only has to take a few seconds but because the effect of taking too much can be devastating, you should never undervalue the potential dangers of using this drug recreationally.

Unfortunately for smokers and drinkers, the effects of long term exposure to nitrous oxides doesn’t wear off. Over time the body builds up an immunity to the drug and although you may find the occasional surge in happiness, you will soon find that your tolerance to it has reduced dramatically. This means that you have to ingest more of the substance in order to get the same effect as in the early days. This is why it’s better to stick to the use of regular laughing gas rather than experimenting with other forms.

If you want to try out Australian nangs, then there are several different brands available on the market. They are available in small canisters that are easy to take with you. You will probably find that most retailers sell them in bulk so you can enjoy a good price on them. This makes them highly affordable, especially when you consider that they have about the same popularity as lollies!