Natalie Tysdal Has Done It All in Her Life So Far

Natalie Tysdal

Natalie Tysdal once again makes an appearance on Channel 2. Tysdal was on Colorado channels KWGN-TV from 2021 but took a short break from that in the year for personal reasons. However, unlike in the past, Tysdal is back on Channel 2. She’s scheduled to start shooting her second season of her reality show The Hills.

Tysdal writes for the TV Guide and has covered the Golden Globe Awards, Olympics, and numerous other notable events. As a reporter, and television journalist, Tysdal knows what it takes to get things right. She brings a lot of wit and a refreshing attitude to the camera, as she relays what’s happening in her world. While covering sports, Natalie Tysdal knows sports coverage is oftentimes beat up and dull. She puts her own spin on sports reporting, making her memorable at times and entertaining at others.

Natalie Tysdal is a seasoned journalist. She began her career in sports coverage at the networks WCCO in Lincoln, Nebraska. She graduated from Lincoln State University in 1985 and has covered a variety of local topics for her employers. She began her career as a sports writer at the Times-News in Portland, Oregon, for which she was a part of the Allentown Newspapers from 1987 to 1996. Later, Tysdal became the sports editor for the Lincoln Journal Star.

After working at the Times-News, Tysdal worked as a reporter for the Associated Press in Fort Collins, Colorado, from 1998 to 2021. From there, she went to KUSA-TV in Denver, where she anchored a morning news segment for the station. Tysdal currently covers NASCAR races for the Fox Network.

Natalie Tysdal also serves as an anchorwoman for The Sports Report. She anchors an evening news segment, while covering local events, for the station. She also serves as the lead anchor for Sportscenter, taking over the role of Sports Weekend America’s Tom Hartman. Tysdal is currently building a new home for herself and currently starring in a popular reality series entitled “The Newsroom.”

Natalie Tysdal is an accomplished journalist. She has brought entertainment to viewers for decades, including writing for publications such as Entertainment Tonight, Good Morning America, and Today Show. She is most well known for her long term roles as an anchor for NBC’s weekend morning news program, Today. She earned a reputation as a reliable and trusted reporter for her reporting on the events that occur in our world today. In addition to her many roles on television, Tysdal is most well known for being an accomplished and talented stand up comedian, having appeared on numerous popular television shows including Inside the Actor’s Studio, Take Me Out, The Weakest Link, and The Dick Show.