How To Shoot A Boudoir Video

boudoir video

Today I’m going to share with you some of my favorite boudoir video tips and techniques that really help make my girls look beautiful. First, Panchenko takes you through her equipment recommendations for shooting boudoir video and then she shows and explains her top ten tips on boudoir video photography. Here they are: #1 – Come up with a really good concept. Boudoir videos aren’t simply moments in time, they are mini-masterpieces that tell a story. To create high impact videos, you need to think outside the box and come up with a concept that will keep your audience’s attention long after the video is over.

#2 – Choose high impact shots that capture your subject’s personality. When shooting boudoir video for personal use, it’s best to get candid shots of the girls’ facial expressions, body movements, and intimate bodily details. High impact shots build anticipation and help your audience to anticipate what’s in store for them in the photo shoot. When shooting boudoir photography for personal use, I recommend shooting multiple angles in a very low lighting setting because this makes it easier to focus on each detail of your subject.

#3 – Be confident and let your personality show in your boudoir video photography. This is the only way to really show your true talents and true inner beauty. It’s not about hiding behind a computer and getting perfect shots. A boudoir video is an expression of your inner self and if you’re not confident in your own abilities as a photographer, I suggest you leave the business of photography to someone who knows what they’re doing. For more information on becoming a boudoir photographer to contact me at anytime.

– Set up an outdoor light set up. Lighting is essential when shooting boudoir photography shoots. Having natural light during your shoot will enhance the images. Most photographers feel that having a natural light background helps them achieve more naturally appearing photographs. I completely agree, it really helps my photographs look their absolute best.

– Set up a location that will give you all the freedom to do anything you want with your subjects. I prefer shooting boudoir photography in natural settings. Natural locations give the photographs the most drama and depth. Try a hike near a waterfall, deep forest, or beach. Anything that offers you lots of different angles and different lighting will enhance your boudoir photography shoot.

These tips will help anyone who wants to get into the boudoir photography world. I highly suggest that anyone who wants to start making boudoir videos seriously take these tips into consideration. Boudoir photography is a competitive business, but if you take these into consideration you will have a much better chance at a successful shoot.